We believe that our health system needs to be improved for the benefit of patients by everyone involved, and that this can only be achieved by cooperating in a network.

We see ourselves as a think tank for haemato-/ oncology issues and aspire to solve complex tasks with interdisciplinary, networked thinking and expert knowledge.

Is that also your aspiration?

In our medical scientific workshops, advisory boards, conferences, symposia and podium discussions, teams of experts from each indication area deal with complex issues and challenges in haemato-/ oncology.


HELBIG NETWORKING – your partner for networked thinking in haemato-/ oncology!


The Task

Working on the system means being a designer of innovation, overcoming complexity and meeting the highest academic and intellectual requirements. That is not a 9-to-5 job. Even though we are a relatively small consultancy, we work with companies all over the world. That means that we have to be on an equal footing with the major international consultancy firms.

Working with HELBIG Consulting requires creative drive, a high degree of flexibility and plenty of endurance. Our work also involves looking at problems in detail from an interdisciplinary perspective at all levels, and we are not content with easy solutions.


Further Development

No project twice – new approaches are the standard. We are continuously evolving. This gives you the chance to grow with us whether it is in the area of new issues or important assignments.

If you are standing still, you are going backwards.


The People

We are passionate thinkers, drivers, organisers, consolidators, workers, scrutinisers, tinkerers, experts, designers and people of conviction. Our approach is always frank and honest but with the best result in mind. We want to get on with it.

That's the fun for us! 

As people who breathe passion and conviction into our work, we want to leave our signature on our projects. That's why we love the freedom and flexibility that comes with independence. We are neither bureaucrats nor carers. We make the same demands of ourselves as we do of our employees.

Come and meet us

Please send us your complete application online to:

Step 1: Check your documents
We need a convincing cover letter from you, your CV, certificates, letters of recommendation and employment references.
Please allow two weeks for processing your application.

Step 2: Telephone interview
If you have sparked our interest, we will schedule a telephone interview with you of around 30 minutes to get to know you better as well as clarify any questions with regard to your documents.

Step 3: Personal interview and case study
If you have successfully completed the first two steps, we will invite you for a personal interview. This is where we will test your technical and analytical skills on the basis of a case study.

After a successful interview, we will make you an offer.